Whizzinator Review

Whizzinator ReviewWhat It Is

This product is a must have if you wish to defeat drug tests that you might be subjected to. If you have taken drugs in the recent past or a regular user of certain prohibited drugs and substances, you will need this product if you suddenly encounter a drug or urine test that needs to be taken. Many people face such a test when they need to undertake a health examination before being considered for employment. For many people, passing the urine test will signify a better job or a chance to qualify for certain tournaments and events. When you are convinced of your capabilities and the urine or drug test is the only obstacle standing in the way, you will need this product to help you breeze through such a test.

The Contents Of The Kit

The Whizzinator is a kit that contains the following:

  • Dried urine
  • Syringe
  • Heater packs
  • False penis
  • There is a female version of it known as Number One

You can even opt for the unisex product of the same brand.

Whizzinator Review

A Useful And Handy Tool To Pass Urine Tests

Even though the maker of this product has faced several controversies and federal charges as well, this product still remains popular in certain markets. Many people opt to buy this synthetic urine product in many online stores. It is great if you wish to pass any pre employment drug screening test. The tests are not visually monitored for which you can use this kit box easily. You need to keep note of one point. Whizzinator ReviewThe urine sample has to be of the right temperature. You need to ensure that the urine sample is heated to the temperature as specified to replicate the inner body temperature which is present in all normal human urine samples. When the temperature is lower than that, that is when the risks are greater of failing a health or drug screening test.

If you are ordering in this product, ensure that you order in from a reliable supplier of the same. Many of the kits come with money back guarantee. However you need to use the product as per instructions given and only then, if you still fail a test, can you claim for your money back. The instructions are easy to follow and many people have had success using this product.


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